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Don Saklad

So who exactly is Don Saklad?

Don doesn't talk about himself too often in his posts, at least not directly. As you'll see from reading his posts, it's almost as if he avoids talking about himself or his experiences in a clearly recognizable way, preferring instead to talk about his experiences abstractly. But that's not to say he doesn't provide us with information about himself.

The following personal information is appended to many of Don's posts:

Don Kempner Warner Saklad
2 Linwood Place
Cambridge MA 02139
tel. (617) 661-9650 or (716) 832-4286

Don has posted under the following email addresses:

We know that Don uses the Boston Public Library frequently, and has access to the internet through MIT (based on his email addresses).

Don has set up a home page for himself at Unfortunately, it doesn't contain very much information, but please feel free to take a look anyway.

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All the information on this page is drawn from posts and email from Don Saklad, and is available on DejaNews and other archiving services.